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The Canvas-Zoom integration allows instructors to schedule online meetings from within Canvas. You must enable the Zoom link in the course navigation before students can access scheduled meetings

  1. In your course, click the Settings link
  2. Select the Navigation tab
  3. In the lower list of options, find Zoom

  4. Click the Edit Course Navigation icon, it looks like 3 dots
  5. Choose Enable
  6. The Zoom link is moved to the upper list of options
  7. You can move the Zoom link by either
    1. Dragging the Zoom option to a new position, OR
    2. Clicking the Edit Course Navigation icon and selecting Move

      1. In the Move Navigation Item window, use the drop-down list to specify where the link should be located
      2. Click Move

      3. The link is moved to the location you specify

        For more information on moving items, refer to the Canvas documentation

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save

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