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The following Banner Finance forms can be used to research transactions related to General Fund budgets.

  1. FGIBDSR (Executive Summary)
    1. The organization can be at a “roll-up” level. 
    2. Fund level = 110 (This is for all of your General Fund funds).
    3. For OTP, use account 915000 (will be the first account in your output).
    4. Data extract if needed.

      Make sure to uncheck the “Include Revenue Accounts” box.

  2. FGIBDST (Organizational Budget Status)
    1. The organization must be at Level 5.
    2. Fund number is optional, and if included, it must be at Level 5.
      1. Must be included to use F3 (transaction lookup) shortcut.
      2. If not included, then the output is for ALL fund types.
      3. Suggest using Index code.
    3. Use the data extract functionality if needed.

       Make sure to uncheck the “Include Revenue Accounts” box.

  3. FGIBAVL (Budget Availability Status)
    1. The organization will populate based on the Fund or Index selection.
    2. Enter a fund number (required).

      Suggest using an index code.

    3. Enter an account number (required).

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