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LEAD is dynamically (automatically) assigned to all newly hired, promoted, or appointed supervisors and managers of SHRA and EHRA employees.

Note: EEODF is part of the LEAD curriculum in the Learning and Development Portal.

LEAD is to be completed within 365 days of the assignment. 

If you were assigned LEAD in 2022, you will follow the curriculum requirements listed in the table below and labeled with the year 2022.

If you were assigned LEAD BEFORE January 1, 2022, you will now need to meet the 2022 curriculum requirements listed in the table below.  

You can access prior years’ requirements on LEAD Curriculum Equivalencies

Note: Requirements have evolved over the years to meet the needs of those in supervisory roles in the University. If you are overdue completing LEAD, it may be helpful to check your Learning Transcript to verify that you have already completed some of the 2022 LEAD Curriculum Requirements

Follow these steps to check your Learning Transcript:

    1. Access your Learning Transcript from the Learning & Development Portal
    2. Compare your transcript to the 2022 LEAD Curriculum Requirements to determine which requirements you have met and still need to complete
    3. When you have fulfilled all of the 2022 LEAD Curriculum Requirements, the Learning and Development Portal will automatically record a LEAD completion status on your Learning Transcript 

2022 LEAD Curriculum Requirements


*Session is offered in-person or in Zoom

Performance Management Essentials

Special Note: As of 5/20/22, supervisors assigned to LEAD will complete a single eLesson entitled Niner Talent STAKES Performance Management; those assigned prior to this date will have the 5 videos as listed below in their LEAD Curriculum requirements.

 Management Essentials 

*Session is offered in-person or in Zoom

EEODF Online Modules and Required Session 

*Session is offered in-person or in Zoom

Environmental Health & Safety for Managers*SHRA Performance Planning: Objectives & Timeline (online)

Effective Discipline Policy & Practice (online)

EEODF - History and Law (online)

Worker’s Compensation for Managers*SHRA Performance Planning: Institutional Goals (online)

Progressive Corrective Action for Managers*

EEODF - Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) (online)

SHRA Position Management & Compensation for ManagersSHRA Performance Planning: Individual Goals (online)

(Course) Detecting and Dealing with Performance Problems (online)

EEODF - Legally Defensible Hiring (online)

EHRA Position Management & Compensation for Managers*

SHRA Performance Appraisal: Annual Performance Review (online)

(Course) Difficult People: Strategies to Keep Everyone Working Together (online)

EEODF - Unlawful Workplace Harassment (online)

SHRA Recruitment for Managers*SHRA Performance Appraisal: Navigating NinerTalent (online)(Course) Resolving Workplace Conflict (online)

EEODF - EEO & You (online)

Managing Employee Time & Leave for Managers

EEODF - Diversity & Inclusion (online)

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) (online; document)Equal Employment Opportunity & Diversity Fundamentals (EEODF)* 
EHRA Recruitment for Managers*