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You can pre-assign breakout rooms in Zoom. It is advised that you have the latest version of Zoom installed on your computer or device. This is a multi-step process, you need to:

  • create the Zoom meeting in the Zoom web browser, you can log in by going to
  • use the csv template to upload the rooms with enrollment
  • copy the meeting link and add to your Canvas course calendar

When it is time for the meeting:

  • you and your students log into the Zoom Desktop Client (Zoom app)

  • Start the meeting in the Desktop Client (Zoom app)

  • Students log into Canvas and click the meeting link

  • at the appropriate time, start the breakout rooms

  1. Create the Zoom meeting in the browser:
    1. Open Zoom in your browser
    2. Click Schedule a Meeting
    3. Fill out the form and select the options you want for your meeting
    4. In the Meeting Options area, select Breakout Room pre-assign
    5. Click the Import from CSV link
    6. Download the template and enter your information

      Template Column Names

      Do NOT change the name of the columns in the template file

    7. Upload the template
    8. Verify the room assignments and click Save

    9. Finish creating the meeting and save 
    10. Copy the Invite Link
  2. Add the meeting link to your Canvas course:
    1. Access your Canvas course
    2. In the Coming Up area, click View Calendar

    3. Add a new event and paste the Zoom meeting link
  3. At the appropriate meeting time:
    1. Log into Zoom using the Desktop Client, also known as the Zoom app
    2. You start the meeting by clicking on the meeting
    3. Click the Start button
    4. Instruct students to log into the Zoom Desktop Client (app)
    5. Instruct students to open a new browser tab and access your Canvas course
    6. Instruct students to click the Zoom meeting event in the To Do list
    7. The Canvas calendar opens and students can click the Zoom meeting link

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