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A week before each session is scheduled to begin, Instructors will receive an email notification. This prompt is designed to remind Instructors to prepare for their session. Preparation includes logging in to the Learning and Development Portal to check check enrollment. While a maximum number of attendees (or "seats") is established for every session, it is up to the Instructor to determine the minimum number of attendees they will allow. If enrollment is lower than anticipated, Instructors are encouraged to "market" their session to their "target audience" to increase enrollment.  As subject matter experts, most Instructors know who needs to attend their session. If marketing efforts fail to increase enrollment, Instructors may cancel a session that has low enrollment at their discretion. (The Learning and Organizational Development Team recommends cancelling a session with fewer than 8 attendees.)

Follow the steps below to cancel a session with low enrollment. 

1) Send an email to the people who have enrolled in the session to let them know you will be cancelling it.

2) Send an email to to notify the Learning and Organizational Development team that the session is being cancelled.

3)  Follow the steps for Viewing Your Events and Sessions.

4) On the Sessions page, the Enrollment column indicates how many people have registered to attend the session as pictured below.

5) Click the Red X icon in the Options column beside the session you want to cancel as pictured below. 

6) Result: the Cancel Session page will display. Click the drop-down arrow on the Select a reason button to select your reason for cancelling the session; enter comments in the Additional Comments field (optional), and click the Submit button as pictured below.