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If there are no seats or sessions available, or the current session dates do not work for your schedule, follow the steps below to be notified when new session is scheduled.

1) Follow the steps to Search for training of the event you would like to attend.

2) Select the Event Details page to view all scheduled sessions. If none of the session dates work for you, select the drop-down arrow on the Select a Session button and select Notify Me of New Sessions as pictured below.

3) Result: The Interest Tracking page will display. Click on the box beside Select a Location as pictured below.

4) Result: The Select a Facility pop-up box will appear. Click on the Plus sign next to UNC System as pictured below. 

5) Result: A list of location options will appear. Click on the blue Plus sign in front of UNC Charlotte as pictured below. 

6) Result: UNC Charlotte will display in the Selected Location field; click the Done button as pictured below. 

7) Result: The Interest Tracking Page will display. You may add text in the Comments box (optional) and click Submit, as pictured below, to add the event to your Interests and Waitlists


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