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To get this error, you usually have created a heading via the Paragraph drop menu but either:

  • Forgot to add text.
  • Deleted the text, but not the line.
  • Moved an entire section, including the title, and the heading format was left behind.
  • Placed the cursor at the start of the heading and created a new line.
  1. When this error arises within the Accessibility Checker (UDOIT), click the “U FIX IT!” button.

    1. Within the “U FIX IT” button, you will be provided with two options:
      1. A “New heading text” field.
      2. A “Delete this Header completely instead” checkbox.

  2. Select “View the Source of this Issue” for more information. If you're confident that this empty heading should be deleted, go to Step 3. If you're not really sure if it should be deleted, go to Step 4.
  3. Check the “Delete this Header completely instead” checkbox and then click the Submit button.

  4. Put "xxx" in the new heading text field and click the Submit button.

    1. Then click the page title above this result to open the page where the issue was located. Once there, look for the xxx heading and determine if you still need it.
    2. If you don't, delete the xxx and the line they were on then save the page.
    3. If you do need the xxx heading, replace the xxx with the appropriate text and then save the page.

False Positives

If your heading contains a space or the Unicode  , the Accessibility Checker (UDOIT) will not recognize the heading as being empty. It is not common for an empty--or in this case invisible--heading to only contain a space, but if it happens to you, this is why the Accessibility Checker (UDOIT) has not flagged it.

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