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If you get this error result, you have one or more portions of colored text that has less than a 4.5:1 contrast ratio with white (#FFFFFF;), the assumed background color.

  1. View the content that needs adjusting by selecting “view the source of this issue.”
  2. Click the U FIX IT! Button.

  3. You will be provided with:
    1. a preview of the current color combination.
    2. Options to lighten and darken the background and foreground colors.
    3. a checkbox that allows you to bold the font.
    4. a checkbox that allows you to italicize the text.
    5. a selection of colors.

  4. The checkboxes are provided so that when you change the color, you can also address the Avoid using color alone for emphasis suggestion. It's strongly recommended that when you do use the checkboxes use the one for bold instead of italics as italics are generally harder to read. Below the checkboxes are a collection of color swatches. When choosing your colors, pay close attention to the “Ratio Invalid.” If this appears, your ratio has still not met accessibility standards. If it is not listed, the colors you chose meet accessibility standards. Note: please avoid using blue shades for non-linked text.

  5. Examples:
    1. Example #1: Needs new color choices.

    2. Example #2: Color choices meet accessibility standards.

  6. Once you've made your choice, click the Submit button and the Accessibility Checker (UDOIT) will apply the changes.

False Positives

Unfortunately, the Accessibility Checker (UDOIT) is not programmed to detect font size or background color (it's assumed to be white) which can lead to both false positives and false negatives.

To get a false positive (results which can be ignored), the following must be true:

  • For large text (size ≥ 14pt bold or ≥ 18pt), have a contrast ratio of 3:1 or greater between the background color and font color.
  • For regular text, have a contrast ratio of 4.5:1 or greater between the background color and font color.

To get a false negative, you need to have text on a colored background which has a 4.5:1 contrast with white but does not have the appropriate contrast ratios listed above for the colored background.

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