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If you get this error, there are one or more tables in the course that have at least one header cell where the Scope under Cell Properties was not changed to either Row or Column.

  1. View the table that needs adjusting by selecting “view the source of this issue.”
  2. Click the U FIX IT! Button.
  3. You will be provided with a drop menu where you are supposed to select whether the identified header cell is a header for the column (col) or row.

  4. Once you've made your choice, click the Submit button and the Accessibility Checker (UDOIT) will apply the changes.

True/False Positives

True PositivesIf you built the table in the HTML Editor or if you edited the HTML of a table and set the scope of one or more header cells to scope="column" you will receive this error in UDOIT because you need to have a scope="col" instead of scope="column". It's a very easy mistake to make, so don't feel bad if you make it.

False Positives: While we would encourage that you do not use a table that has merged or split cells, if you must have them and they are header cells you will need to use the scopes Row group or Column group. However, neither scope will be recognized as acceptable scopes in the Accessibility Checker (UDOIT). As such, if these scopes are used correctly, you may ignore this result.

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