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See this FAQ for settings and actions you can take before your meeting.

Type of disruption...What happens...Quick remedy...
Audio interruptionsDisruptor unmutes themselves and speaks inappropriately to meeting or classClick Participants, then Mute All. On the pop-up, uncheck “Allow participants to unmute themselves
Video interruptionsDisruptor shows inappropriate video or gestures in their live video or virtual backgroundClick Participants, select the individual, click Stop Video
Chat interruptionsDisruptor types something inappropriate in general meeting chat or uses private chat to harass individual attendeesIn Chat, click the More menu (…) on the bottom right.  Click No One to stop all chat
Screen share interruptionsDisruptor shares screen displays inappropriate content with all attendeesAt the top of the sharing window, click the View Options then Stop Participant's Sharing
Annotation interruptionsDisruptor draws something inappropriate on the screen during a screen share using the Annotation functionalityUnder the Security menu, uncheck Annotate on Shared Content

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