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Incidents of meeting interruption/intrusion (commonly referred to as "Zoombombing") that warrant escalation or investigation should be reported to Campus Police.

It's up to the meeting host to determine the right balance between participant engagement and security. Here are some things to consider when setting up your meeting...

When creating the meeting:

  • Use unique meeting IDs – choose the meeting option "generate automatically" to ensure each meeting has its own unique ID! Don't use a "personal" room. Consider doing a webinar for presentations.
  • Require a meeting passcode – select the option to "require a meeting passcode" and only give that passcode to participants you invite.
  • Don't post the passcode on social media or a website - remember the passcode may be embedded in the link!
  • Create a waiting room – the option creates a place for guests to wait before the meeting starts and allows the host to choose who they let in.
  • Require event registration - you can create a Google form and limit it to the UNC Charlotte community or use the event registration option within the web conferencing tool. Student organizations can also utilize NinerEngage.
  • Share link close to the event time - email the web conference link to attendees right before the meeting starts!

Managing the meeting:

  • Identify a meeting facilitator – set up a co-host to help manage muting, unmuting, answering questions, monitoring chat and removing participants if needed.
  • Mute participants on entry – make this the default setting.
  • Disable screen sharing and video - consider only allowing hosts to share their screen and disable participants' video options.
  • Require Names - ask all participants to identify themselves remove anonymous participants.
  • Lock your meeting – stop others from joining by locking the meeting once your meeting has started.
  • Remove participants - be familiar with how to remove participants from meetings.

More thoughts:

  • Require Authentication - participants will need to be authenticated to Zoom to attend.
  • Use Canvas to limit to UNC Charlotte community - create a Canvas course, post link, and have participants enroll in the course to get the link.
  • Report abusive behavior - let the platform and the University know about any issues or incidents encountered during your meeting.

See the above as an infographic

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