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Hosts can enable live transcriptions (English only) for their meeting or webinar. Captions can be seen in the subtitle view and the transcript itself can be accessed through the sidebar. 

  1. Confirm the following setting...

    The below setting is by default enabled for UNC Charlotte Zoom accounts.  If you are not seeing the functionality during Zoom meetings, confirm the setting is enabled.

    1. Login to
    2. Click on Settings > In Meeting (Advanced)
    3. Turn on Closed captioning and check Enable live transcription service... 
      Zoom Closed Captioning Settings
    4. Click Save
  2. After starting your meeting...

    The Live Transcript functionality is only available when using the Zoom app - it is not available when connecting via a browser.

    1. Click the Live Transcript button (1) then click Enable Auto-Transcription (2)
      Starting Closed Captioning 
    2. When attendees speak, the closed captioning will appear within the Zoom meeting interface
      Closed captioning example
    3. The appearance of the subtitles can be changed - click the up arrow menu on the Live Transcript button, then click Subtitle Settings...
      Subtitle settings
    4. A transcript of the closed captioning can be viewed - click the up arrow menu on the Live Transcript button, then click View Full Transcript
      Closed captioning transcript
    5. The transcript can be saved by clicking Save Transcript while in the Transcript view

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