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HIPAA is the acronym for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.  When working with HIPAA data, strict protocols and the highest degree of data security must be maintained. Zoom can be used for HIPAA data and some functionality is limited.

The following are some key differences in the HIPAA compliant Zoom instance...

  1. There is no integration with Canvas.
  2. The setting Require Encryption for 3rd Party Endpoints (H323/SIP) will be enabled for all members of your account
  3. Cloud Recording will be disabled.
  4. Remove device/user information in logging and reporting.
  5. Advanced Encryption for Chat will be enabled.
  6. In-meeting chat cannot be copied or saved.
  7. Zoom Webinar licenses are not available.

Additional details regarding Zoom and HIPAA can be found here.

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