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  1. Login to Perceptive Content using your NinerNet credentials  
  2. The Perceptive Content 7 toolbar will display, as shown below:
    1. Click the Reports menu button on the Perceptive Content Toolbar
  3. Navigate to the report you wish to run
  4. Click the Run button
    1. If the Run button does not display, click on Toolbar Options dropdown to add the desired buttons
  5. Enter any required parameter fields
  6. Click the Finish button
    1. While waiting for the report to complete, you can select the report delivery method (e.g. Save Report, Save Report View, Email Report) 
  7. The report will display, as shown below:
  8. To save the report after the report has finished running, click the dropdown menu from the View Options icon
    1. Select View in Excel Options followed by View in Excel 2007 Format
    2. Click the Save button 

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