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HIPAA is the acronym for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.  When working with HIPAA data, strict protocols and the highest degree of data security must be maintained. Zoom can be used for HIPAA data and some functionality is limited.

  1. The HIPAA compliant instance of Zoom is a separate instance from the standard Zoom accounts available to all Faculty, Staff, and Students.
    1. Accounts can only reside in one instance; once you are moved to the HIPAA compliant instance, your account will stay there for the duration of the need - it cannot be moved back and forth.
    2. HIPAA compliant Zoom accounts...
      1. Utilize enhanced encryption
      2. Will have no Canvas integration
      3. Cannot record to the cloud
      4. See this FAQ for more settings differences
  2. Access to the HIPAA compliant Zoom instance should first be approved by your Data Security Officer
  3. The DSO can submit a request (click HIPAA Request) to OneIT Security Services - submission should include...
    1. Detailed information about why HIPAA compliant Zoom is needed
    2. List of users needing access

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