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Kaltura allows you to make changes to videos after they have already been uploaded into your My Media page. You can alter the video description, adjust which formats are available for download, and even replace the video file entirely. If you would like to learn more, you can consult the directions below, and/or view Kaltura Support's Kaltura Editor Course playlist containing short video tutorials.

  1. Log into a Canvas course and open your My Media
  2. On the My Media page, scroll to find the video you want to edit. Click the video's title
  3. Click the Actions menu in the bottom right, below the video preview
  4. Click the Edit option
  5. There are multiple video editing options that you can use

    1. Details: You can edit the video's name, description, and tags

    2. Publish: When you want to share the video with students, be sure to choose the Published option
    3. OptionsMark the Disable comments for this media checkbox turns off the comment area for your video, preventing users from posting or seeing video comments. The Close Discussions checkbox prevents additional comments from being made on the video. Checking the Enable everyone to create clips from this video box will permit other users to take clips of your video for their own use

    4. CollaborationThis tab allows you to adjust the ownership, editing, and publishing settings for your video
    5. ThumbnailsThe Thumbnails tab allows you to change the thumbnail image for the video. You can either upload one from your computer, capture it with a webcam, or have Kaltura pick a still from the video to use automatically
    6. DownloadYou can choose whether to allow your students or colleagues to download your video. If you wish to allow them to download it, you can select from a variety of download file format options. Simply check the box for the video format you want to make available for download
    7. CaptionsThough Kaltura automatically captions all videos, you can alter those captions if desired. The Edit Captions button will allow you to go into the video and edit the displayed captions frame-by-frame. The Upload captions file button allows you to upload additional captions files (e.g., captions in another language). The table below these buttons will display all the currently loaded caption files for that video, along with the language, label, and file type of the caption file in question. The "Actions" cell of this table will permit you to confirm, edit, delete, or re-upload (in left to right order) each respective captions file. View this FAQ for more details on the caption editing process
    8. AttachmentsThe Attachments tab permits the inclusion of attached files to your video via the Upload File button. Below this button is a table displaying the currently loaded attachments for your video, as well as their file name, title, description, size, and date of upload. Each row also has an "Actions" cell that will permit you to edit, delete, or re-upload (in left to right order) that attachment
    9. Launch Editor: To the right of the video, you will see a Launch Editor button. Clicking this will take you into Kaltura's direct video-editing tool. Within this editor you can trim the start and/or end of your video, or chop and splice to remove a segment from the middle of your video. For more information on how to use this editing interface, see Kaltura's Editing Media Using the Video Editor resource

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