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  1. Yes
  2. The Supervisor can copy a completed performance plan that was created for another employee to use for other employees in similar positions
  3. Follow the steps below to copy a performance plan to another employee
  4. From, navigate to the Employment & Benefits section and click the Performance Planning hyperlink as pictured below

5. Click on the ellipsis in the top left corner of your screen and select UNC Charlotte Employee Portal as pictured below

6. Click on My Employee Reviews on the left navigation or select My Employees’ Reviews from the Performance tab as pictured below

7. On the Reviews Dashboard, click to select the name of the employee’s performance plan that you want to copy as pictured below

8. In the left navigation menu, click to select Plan as pictured below

9.  Click the Actions button in the top right corner of your screen and chose Copy as pictured below

10. Click the check-boxes next to the performance components you want to copy, then click Continue as pictured below

11. Select the employees under your supervision whom you want this Performance Plan to copy to by putting a check mark in the box next to their name. Click Copy Objective Plan as pictured below

IMPORTANT: If you select Copy Plan to selected employees and complete the associated Step… the plan will go directly to the Next-Level Supervisor for approval

12. Click the employee’s name to review the plan and make any necessary edits, and finalize