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Please Note!

Respondus Lockdown Browser will work on Chromebooks with classic quizzing. However, all students are required to have a personal laptop; Chromebooks do not meet this requirement.
the student laptop initiative webpage for more details.

You should also consider:

Respondus LockDown Browser does not work on Android, iOS, Kindle, etc.

  1. If your instructor requires Respondus Lockdown Browser, and you only have a Chromebook:
    1. Access the quiz in your Canvas course
    2. Click the Take the Quiz button
    3. If the Respondus LockDown Browser extension is not installed, the Respondus LockDown Browser Required page is displayed. Click the Download Respondus LockDown Browser link
      Download Respondus LockDown Browser Link
    4. The Chrome Web Store opens in a new tab. Click the Add to Chrome button
      Add to Chrome button
    5. In the Add LockDown Browser dialog box, click Add extension
      Add extension button
    6. The installation successful page is displayed
      Installation successful page
    7. Log out of Canvas
    8. Close all open tabs
    9. Log back into Canvas and access the quiz
    10. Click the Take the Quiz button
    11. The LockDown Browser for Chromebook Loading page is displayed
      LockDown Browser for Chromebook loading page


      The message “Google Chrome OS can’t open this page” error will occur on older versions of ChromeOS. Update your ChromeOS, reboot the device, and access the quiz

    12. It may take up to 30 seconds for the quiz to load
      Loading page with 30 seconds mesage
    13. Take the quiz and submit it

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