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You can create one link for a recurring Zoom meeting that you add to a Canvas page:

  1. Login into the Zoom Desktop Client
  2. Schedule recurring Zoom meetings (e..g Sept 7 to Dec. 15) per named section (Y01, Y02, 001, 080, etc.). You will see one Zoom session link for the fall semester per section
  3. Add the link to Canvas:
    • If you want all students to attend, copy and Paste the respective Zoom session information to a page 
    • If you have different sections and want each section to attend specific meetings:
      • Create Discussion Forums, for example, if you have 4 sections you will create 4 Discussion Forums
      • Copy and Paste the respective Zoom session information into the respective Discussion Forum associated with each section
      • Make the Discussion forum graded (Complete/Incomplete or points)
      • Assign it to the respective Sections
      • Make it available for the semester
  4. Students will one see the Discussion form for the section they are enrolled

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