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For payments that cannot be processed by issuing a Purchase Order (PO) in 49er Mart, an Employee & Student Direct Pay Request (ESDPR) Form or an Electronic Check Request (eCR) form in 49er Mart can be used.

  1. Use an eCR form:
    1. For payments to external vendors (not to employees or students).

      Note that eCRs may not be used:

      • To avoid adherence to the University's procurement policies or other purchasing guidelines.
      • To order products or services that can otherwise be ordered through normal 49er Mart purchase order processing.
      • For payments that can otherwise be made with a p-card (e.g., registrations, subscriptions, advertisements, and membership dues).
  2. Use an ESDPR form:
    1. For non-payroll payments to employees and students, which mainly encompass reimbursements for expenses incurred by employees/students for university business purposes and which are not travel related.

      This information is also referenced in the Purchasing Policy.

    2. Payments that should not be processed using the ESDPR form are listed on the form description page.

  3. Use a p-card:

    1. For purchases of small-dollar items, memberships, etc.

      Refer to the Purchasing Card Reference Guide (PCRG) for more details. 

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