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The University will transition to the Zoom Phone service during the Fall semester 2023. Zoom phones will allow you to make and receive calls over the internet using your computer, smartphone, or voice-over-IP-enabled deskset. See Zoom Phone FAQs.

  1. Yes, if you have asked for Unified messaging when you requested a new phone line or added the service to an existing phone line.
  2. With Unified messaging, when you receive a voicemail, the voicemail is sent to your email in a .wav file.
  3. If you request your messages to be forwarded to email they will no longer be sent to your phone. 


If you had messaging setup prior to 2016, you will still need to monitor the voicemail on your phone because it is not synced with your email.  For example: When you get a voicemail emailed to you and delete it, you will also need to delete it from your phone.

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