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This applies to full-time, non-exempt employees who submit time in Kronos WFR biweekly.

  1. Kronos WFR will automatically assign up to 6 hours to a leave category for “missing” hours once a timesheet has recorded at least 34 hours of time worked based on available leave, taken in this order (“hierarchy”):

    2. The system will only pull from the leave buckets if the hours have been accrued (not if they have been earned but not yet accrued in Kronos WFR).
  2. You can view the automatic assignment of leave hours in the Summary by Day view of the Timesheet (it will not appear as an entry in the Timesheet view).
  3. Leave will be assigned on the day of the week in which the timesheet has recorded at least 34 hours of time worked. Typically this happens on Friday, and it may happen earlier in the week and will show as an inflated amount of hours on the Timesheet view.


    A Time Off Request does not need to be submitted to resolve the time added to the timesheet.


    Submit a Time Off Request If...Timesheet Change Request PendingSupervisor Receives Error Message
    1. The employee wants to change the type of leave used to something other than what the system used OR,
    2. The supervisor wants the employee to identify the specific day that the leave was taken and include a reason in the Comment section.

    3. Once the request is approved, the automatic system assignment of leave hours will be reversed.

    If a Timesheet Change request to add time to the timesheet is pending supervisor approval and Kronos WFR has already automatically assigned leave because there are less than 40 hours accumulated for the work week:

    1. No other action is needed.

    2. If Timesheet Change requests have already been submitted to add/change punches that will add time to your timesheet or Time Off requests to use leave, once the supervisor approves them, the automatic assignment of hours to leave will be reversed by Kronos WFR.

    If a supervisor receives an error message that their employee does not have enough leave because Kronos WFR has automatically assigned time to their employee’s leave and the employee also submitted a Time Off Request:

    1. The error message is resulting from Kronos WFR automatically assigning the time to a leave type and reducing the balance.
    2. Once the Time Off Request is approved, the leave amount used by the system will be reversed, and the balance will become available to use for the employee’s request
  4. If work time is recorded and/or a Time Off Request is subsequently submitted/approved to total 40 hours, this will replace the unassigned leave (the automatically assigned hours will be removed).

  5. For more information on how to submit a Time Off Request, view this FAQ

  6. Supervisors and Departmental Timekeepers: view this FAQ for information on what to look for when reviewing a non-exempt employee's timesheet for approval.

  7. Non-exempt employees view this FAQ on timesheet review for more information.


Employees must continue to request time off in advance.

Leave Definitions

COMPGAP: Gap Compensatory Time Accrual (Overtime 1.0 accrued as gap compensatory time)

COMPREG: Regular Compensatory Time Accrual (Overtime 1.5 accrued as compensatory time)

VACATION: Accrued Vacation Leave

BONREG: Bonus Leave accumulated from legislative pay incentives granted in prior years

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