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Federal per diem rates may be used to calculate the allowance for meals when an employee is traveling abroad on University business. Complete both steps below.

Step One - Foreign Per Diem Rates by Location:

  1. Locate the federal per diem rates by country by visiting the US Department of State website.
  2. Select Foreign Per Diem Rates by Location.
  3. Select the appropriate country from the drop-down menu. 
  4. Click the Go button Go button
  5. Find the correct Post Name (i.e., destination) within that country and the corresponding M & IE Rate (Meals and Incidental Expenses Rate). 

    This rate includes meals and incidental expenses and the University only reimburses meals.

  6. Print this page to attach to the Request for Travel Reimbursement as for support for the M & IE rate for the travel destination.

Step Two Breakdown of Meals/Incidentals:
  1. Select the browser’s back button twice to go back to the Per Diem Rates page or re-launch this page by selecting US Department of State.  
  2. Select FTR Appendix B (Breakdown of Meals/Incidentals).
  3. Find the M & IE Rate of the travel destination and the corresponding federal per diem rates for breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be displayed along with the incidental rate.

    Only the breakfast, lunch, and dinner rate may be claimed on the reimbursement for the meals not provided by other means.

  4. Print this section of the web page.
  5. Attach both the Foreign Per Diem Rates by Location (from Step One) and the corresponding section of the Breakdown of Meals/Incidentals (from Step Two) to the Travel Reimbursement & Expense Report (TRER).   

Prior Approval Needed

Prior approval to use federal per diem rates instead of North Carolina subsistence rates must be obtained from your supervisor prior to travel and indicated in the approval section on the Travel Authorization form.

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