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Personal and business travel may generally be combined as long as other applicable requirements are met. 

  1. To obtain reimbursement, the traveler must show that no additional expense was incurred by the University for the personal portion of the trip.
  2. A same day cost comparison must be completed and attached to the Travel Authorization form.

  3. The documentation must be dated the same date as the date shown on the receipt.


    This can be shown for airfare by obtaining documentation from a travel agency or online travel site that shows that the price of the ticket for the extended personal stay is no more expensive than the price of the ticket to depart immediately before and/or return immediately after the business travel dates. The documentation must be dated the same date as the purchase date of the ticket.

  4. If no documentation is available, reimbursement will be prorated based on the number of days considered business travel.
  5. Personal expenses incurred during the personal component of the trip are not reimbursable (e.g., meals and lodging).

    When personal and business travel is combined, employees are entitled to reimbursement for meal subsistence on the dates that the employee is traveling to and from their business trip destination (usually the first and last days of travel).

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