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You can use the same assignment for all sections. You can assign different available and due dates for each section

  1. In the course navigation, click the Assignments link
  2. Click +Assignment
  3. In the Assignment name text box, type the name of the assignment
  4. In the HTML editor, type the assignment directions

  5. Specify the number of points the assignment is worth
  6. Specify what group the assignment should be assigned to 
  7. Indicate whether the assignment grade should be displayed as points or percentage
  8. Specify how students should submit the assignment
  9. Scroll to view the Assign area
  10. Remove the Everyone option by clicking the Remove icon, it looks like an x
  11. In the drop-down list, select the section you are setting up the assignment dates

    All Sections

    If you do not see the section you want to set the dates for, start typing the course subject code. All matches will be displayed and you can choose the section you want

  12. Enter the Due, Available from, and Until dates
  13. To set up different dates for another section, click +Add
  14. In the Assign To drop-down list, select the section
  15. Enter the Due, Available from, and Until dates
  16. Repeat steps 13 - 15 for all sections
  17. Save the assignment by clicking Save or Save & Publish

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