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If you have not already installed the Zoom client, go the the Zoom download center.

See all Zoom client release notes here.

    1. University Computers: The Zoom client is available in Software Center for University Windows computers and in Self Service for University Mac computers:
      1. Open Software Center (Windows) or Self Service (Macs) 
      2. Find Zoom
      3. Click to install the software, follow the prompts. The Zoom domain is
    2. Personal Computers: Go the the Zoom download center
    1. Click Sign In with SSO
      Zoom App use SSO

    2. Enter charlotte-edu in the Company Domain field
      SSO use charlotte-edu
    3. Enter your NinerNET credentials if prompted
    1. click the Account button (1) in the top right of the Zoom window, then click Check for Updates (2)
    2. If an newer version is found, install the updated version

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