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Transcription is the process in which speech or audio is converted to a written text document. Audio files should be transcribed for accessibility reasons.

Closed caption is used for video files and relies on transcription. The transcription is divided into chunks or caption frames and time coded-to video.  Closed captioning can be done "live" during the event or, if the event is recorded, added after the event and associated with the recording.

Live closed captioning takes place during the event and can be accomplished through automated tools or by an individual typing the transcript in parallel with participants and/or content provider(s) sharing video and audio.

Closed CaptioningAutomated Live Closed CaptioningRecording TranscriptionRecording through Canvas & Kaltura

Zoom FAQ

FAQ for infoCloud recordings can be automatically transcribed - see this Zoom FAQ. UNC Charlotte Zoom cloud recordings are also automatically stored in Kaltura. Kaltura automatically transcribes recordings. 
Google MeetN/AGoogle FAQN/AN/A

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