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Below are some tips to make your web conference meetings successful - regardless of what tool you are using.

Check out the Zoom blog or Google Meet blog for more ideas.

See this FAQ for tips and best practices for securing a web-conferencing meeting.

For attendees

  • Mute your microphone when not speaking - this ensures background noises like other voices and typing don't disrupt the audio.
  • Join the meeting early if you need to log in or set up your audio/video.
  • Identify yourself when speaking - particularly in larger meetings.

For hosts

  • Set your meeting up to allow VoIP (connection using a computer) and dial-in (toll number) - this gives attendees the option of calling in if they are experiencing issues with the app.
  • Include conferencing information along with the agenda and other documents in the meeting invitation, so materials are accessible from one place.
  • Look through your meeting participant settings; consider:
  • Muting participants upon entry
    • Turning off entry and exit tone
    • Reviewing sharing permissions
  • With large meetings, locking the meeting after it begins to avoid distractions when others join. As a better alternative, consider using a Zoom webinar for large meetings.
  • Optimize the space you are using and minimize meeting distractions:
    • Find a quiet space 
    • Avoid or remove items in your background that can be a distraction
    • Face a window or have a lamp nearby so you can be seen clearly
    • Be comfortable where you are setup
  • Record the meeting if invitees can't attend.
  • Share your screen when appropriate.

More tips for everyone

  • If calling into a meeting AND logging into the Zoom or Google Meet app, make sure that your computer microphone and sound are off - the phone call and computer audio together can create an echo.
  • Use a headset if possible - they can cut down on background noise and allow others to hear you better.
  • Use the chat functionality to message other participants privately.

See this Infographic

See this video to protect Zoom meetings from Zombombing

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