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Log In Information

Faculty, staff, and students can create/complete assignments and projects using Adobe Creative Cloud Express but must first initialize their Adobe Account using their NinerNET account.

  1. Go to
  2. In the Adobe Creative Cloud Express login window, click Log in with school account

    Choose school account option to log in

  3. The Sign In window appears. Enter your NinerNET email account in the email address
    Enter your NinerNET email account
  4. Click Continue
  5. The Select an account window appears. Click Company or School Account option
    Select the option Company or School Account
  6. The NinerNET log in screen appears. Enter your NinerNET account (ID and password) information
  7. Click Log In
  8. The DUO Authentication screen appears
    DUO authentication screen
  9. Choose your authentication method to complete the log in process
  10. You will now see the Adobe Creative Cloud Express application
    Enter into Adobe Spark 
  11. Users can now create visual resumes, social graphics, and storytelling videos for work projects and class assignments.

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