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Below are some general tips for conducting a successful and secure Zoom meeting or prevent zoom-bombing.

Before a meeting - here are some things you may want to consider when scheduling a meeting...

  1. Enable a waiting room for your meeting. This feature allows the host to control when a participant enters the meeting. 

    Using the waiting room functionality may not be practical with larger meetings.

  2. Meeting passwords are required.
    1. They can be embedded in the meeting link.
    2. The password could be shared with students as a Canvas Announcement.
    3. Do not make meeting links with passwords publicly available on  Twitter, Facebook, website etc. Control who has access to this information.
  3. Ensure that only the host, co-host, or alternative host can start the Zoom meeting.
    1. How to set a co-host. A co-host can help administer a meeting, such as muting participants or starting/stopping the recording..
    2. How to set an alternative host. An alternative host can start the meeting if your are unable to.
    3. Learn more about host and co-host controls.
  4. Automatically mute attendee microphones and cameras as they join, available through advanced meeting controls when scheduling.

During a meeting - here are some things that can be done while the meeting is happening...

  1. Manage screen sharing and annotation. This can be managed from the control bar within a meeting.
  2. Mute all participants to prevent noise from interrupting a meeting.
  3. Remove participants from a meeting who might be unwanted or disruptive. 
  4. Turn off file transfers to prevent files from being uploaded and shared.
  5. Consider managing private chat settings
  6. Consider locking the meeting after all attendees are present. When you lock a Zoom Meeting that’s already started, no new participants can join.

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