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Zoom is a web conferencing tool that provides remote conferencing services. The Canvas-Zoom integration allows instructors to schedule online meetings from within Canvas

  1. In your course, click link Zoom in the left course navigation bar
  2. The Zoom page will load
    • You may need to log in with your NinerNET credentials. If you cannot log in, manually log into Zoom
  3. In Canvas, click Schedule a New Meeting

  4. Specify the meeting settings. First, specify the subject, description, and date, and time of the meeting
    1. Topic: Enter the title of your meeting. The course name is entered by default 
    2. Description: Enter what the meeting is about
    3. When: Specify the date and time of the meeting
    4. Duration: Enter the total amount of time the meeting will run for (you can enter a meeting early)
    5. Time Zone: If necessary, change the time zone
    6. Recurring meeting: meetings that will be used more than once in the course (e.g., weekly discussion meetings)
  5. Select the meeting options
    1. Registration: You do not need to select this option as only students enrolled in your Canvas course can attend
    2. Video Host/Participant: Select whether you'd like your/your participants' video to be automatically turned on or off
    3. Audio: Specify how participants can access the meeting 
    4. Meeting Options Recommendations: 
      • Enable Require meeting password
      • We recommend NOT selecting Enable join before host
      • We recommend NOT selecting Use Personal Meeting ID
      • If you'd like automatic recordings of the meeting, select Record the meeting automatically and save the recording 

        Cloud Recording

        Select In the cloud option to automatically save the recording to your My Media in Canvas

    5. Alternate Hosts: If someone will be hosting the meeting with you, enter their email address 
  6. Click Save. You will now see the conference appear under Upcoming Meetings tab

Student Notifications

By default, once your meeting is scheduled, students will receive an email notification. In addition, the meeting will appear on students' Canvas Calendar and To Do lists.

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