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Due to changes in the Academic Calendar, the Labor Day holiday has been changed to a floating holiday and can be used at any time (per supervisor's approval) before December 31, 2020.  For this reason, the Labor Day Floating holiday has been established as a Time Off type in Kronos WFR for both exempt and non-exempt employees and should be requested like all other leave types.

To request Labor Holiday Float Holiday:

  1. The employee should log in to Kronos WFR.
  2. Submit a Time Off Request.
  3. Select "LABOR DAY FLOATING HOLIDAY" as the leave type.

    The Labor Day Floating Holiday leave bucket will be pre-populated with the amount of time that would equal the total hours per day based on the employee’s FTE (i.e. 1.000 FTE = 8 hours/day; .50 FTE = 4 hours/day).

    Nonexempt employees:

    LABOR DAY FLOATING HOLIDAY time off hours should not cause the employee to report more than the total hours allowed based on the employee’s FTE (i.e. An employee of 1.000 FTE should not exceed 40:00). 

    The Labor Day Holiday will not be pre-populated on the timesheets on Labor Day. Once the LABOR DAY FLOATING HOLIDAY time off request has been approved by the supervisor in Kronos WFR, it will appear on the timesheet like other uses of time off.

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