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If you are not seeing Power BI in your list of available apps in Microsoft 365, do the following...

Only a limited version is available with the university Microsoft 365 agreement.  The version available will not allow you to share or collaborate on data visualizations.

  1. Go to
  2. Click Sign In in the upper right corner
    Power BI Sign In Button
  3. Enter your University email address that includes your NinerNET username (not an email alias you may have) and click Next
    Note: use your address only; do not use your email address 
    Power BI Microsoft Sign-in 
  4. Enter your NinerNET password and click Sign in
    Microsoft Sign In
  5. Click No to stay signed in (you will be accessing through Microsoft 365)
    Microsoft Stay Signed in
  6. The Power BI interface will open - you can logout by clicking the Profile button in the upper right corner then Sign out 

    Power BI Sign Out

  7. Login to Microsoft 365 to verify PowerBI is available in your apps list

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