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Four options are available based on circumstances and timing. Each option results in the same outcome.


The automatic lunch deduction will only occur once the employee has worked six or more hours that day. If an employee takes a meal break and works less than six hours in a day, the employee must punch in and out to reflect the lunch break. A lunch break that is less than 30 minutes is considered a paid lunch.

  1. Option 1
    1. Ideally, the non-exempt employee punches in and out of Kronos WFR for the actual lunch period to override the scheduled lunch period.


      Overrides are in place to support infrequent occasions that warrant an override. Supervisors cannot continue to require that their employees punch in/out for lunch.


      1. The AVC or Director (in the event of a director who reports to the Provost or a VC and doesn't have an AVC title) should formally request an exception requiring lunch punches in their area of responsibility.
      2. State the operational reason why.
      3. Email the exception request to the AVC and the Executive Director of Human Resources for EHRA (formerly EPA) Non-faculty Administration, Employee Relations, and Compliance for consideration.
  2. Option 2
    1. The supervisor manually adjusts the schedule shown on the timesheet.
    2. Scroll to the date on the timesheet that you need to override.
    3. Select the blue schedule link located below the date.
      Schedule Link
    4. Click on the drop down arrow in the Shift Type field. 
    5. Select the schedule closest to the one that was worked that has the desired lunch deduction.
    6. Select Save
  1. Option 3

    1. The supervisor manually adjusts the original punch out entry to change the Time To to reflect the actual punch out for lunch.

    2. The supervisor adds a line and then enters the actual return from lunch punch in, and end of work schedule punch out Time From and Time To on the new line on the timesheet.
  2. Option 4


    Only one timesheet change can be submitted and requested at a time, and they must be requested and approved in chronological order.

    1. The employee should submit a Timesheet Change Request to Modify Punch Out on the appropriate date to the actual start of their lunch break. Reference this FAQ for instructions on adding or modifying a punch in or out of Kronos. 
    2. The supervisor must approve the Modify Punch Out request. 
    3. The employee should submit a Timesheet Change Request to Add Time Entry for the appropriate date to add the Time From and Time To to match the correct work hours after the lunch break.
    4. The supervisor must approve the Add Time Entry Change Request

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