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Effective April 1 through May 8, 2020, eligible mandatory permanent employees who are required by their supervisors to work on campus (“onsite”) during the COVID-19 event will need to document those hours worked in Kronos WFR. Divisional leadership will work with supervisors to review employees deemed mandatory for onsite services.

Exempt Employees

Exempt employees who earn $65,000 or less annually in base salary should record mandatory onsite hours worked by completing a Time Off request.  While the hours being recorded are hours WORKED, the reason the Time Off request functionality is being used is because this procedure is familiar to exempt employees.

Employee Steps:

  1. Log in to Kronos WFR.
  2. Submit a Time Off Request.
  3. Select MANDATORY ONSITE-EXEMPT ONLY as the time off type.
  4. Select the Partial Day Bulk Option and enter the total amount of hours that were worked onsite for the date selected. 
  5. Submit the request.
    Time Off Request Mandatory Onsite

Supervisor or Departmental Timekeeper Steps:

  1. Approve the Time Off Request to confirm the exempt employee is deemed mandatory, worked the hours onsite, and is eligible to receive special compensation per the information listed on the Emergency Management website.

Nonexempt Employees


Four-week patrol officers/supervisors will not need to make any notation on their timesheets.

Employee Steps:

  1. Clock in/out as normal in Kronos. If there is a break in the location where hours are worked, the employee must clock in/out separately for hours worked onsite so that onsite hours are recorded on a separate line.


    The nonexempt employee normally works 8 a.m.-5 p.m. One-half of the day was worked remotely at home and the second half of the day was worked onsite. The employee should clock out when leaving the remote location and should clock back in once onsite.

    • The employee clocks in at 8 a.m. and begins work remotely. 
    • The employee clocks out at 12 p.m. to take a break and then to report onsite.
    • The employee clocks in at 1 p.m. once onsite and then clocks out at 5 p.m. to end their shift.
    • The hours from 1 p.m. - 5 p.m. will need to be designated as mandatory onsite hours on the timesheet by the supervisor.

Supervisor or Departmental Timekeeper Steps:

  1. Verify that the hours worked onsite are on a separate line on the employee's Timesheet.
    1. If the employee worked onsite for all hours in a day, you can proceed to step 2 for that day’s hours.
    2. If the remote work hours are combined with onsite work hours, then you will need to break out the hours to be marked as mandatory by clicking the insert button to the far left of the row to add a new lineInsert Row.

      1. Adjust the start/stop times so that the hours reflect the correct amount of hours that were worked onsite.

  2. Click the magnifying glass Magnifying Glass Lookup in the Emer Hours Worked column on the line that contains the hours the employee worked onsite
  3. Select “Mandatory Onsite”.
  4. Click SAVE on the blue action item bar to save the changes.

Shown below is an example of what a timesheet should look like with designated mandatory onsite hours.

Mandatory Onsite Timesheet

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