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In certain extreme circumstances, like the Covid-19 Pandemic, Dropbox file request functionality could be used for the collection of Level 3 data (e.g. health information or social security numbers) that would be inappropriate to send through email.  Utilizing this Dropbox functionality for the collection of Level 3 data must be approved by OneIT Security Services prior to collection of documents - please submit a request for consideration. 

When collecting Level 3 data, the following practices must be adhered to:

  1. The department needs to designate one team admin to provision team members for folder access
  2. Team member access should be restricted to only necessary personnel needed to process
  3. FIles should never be downloaded or processed on personal computers or devices, only managed University machines
  4. Files should never be shared via email
  5. FIles should be deleted from the Dropbox file request location once processed

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