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Some offices rely on fax services. Using this file request feature may be a substitute. Each unit will need to evaluate specific business process. Level 0 - 2 data can be collected this way from both internal and external customers. 

In certain extreme circumstances, like the Covid-19 Pandemic, Dropbox file request functionality could be used for the collection of Level 3 data.  File request folders used for Level 3 must be stored in a Dropbox Team Folder - see this FAQ for more information.  OneIT Security Services must approve all Level 3 data requests.

  1. If you need to have a group of people accessing shared Dropbox files,  request a Dropbox team folder.
    1. As part of this request, a Dropbox team will be created. You will specify who is on the team.
  2. Request a Dropbox team folder
  3. Create a Dropbox file request folder, see this FAQ
  4. Share the request with the team

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