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Some offices rely on fax services. Using this file request feature may be a substitute. Each unit will need to evaluate specific business process. Level 0 - 2 data can be collected this way from both internal and external customers. 

In certain extreme circumstances, like the Covid-19 Pandemic, Dropbox file request functionality could be used for the collection of Level 3 data.  File request folders used for Level 3 must be stored in a Dropbox Team Folder - see this FAQ for more information.  OneIT Security Services must approve all Level 3 data requests.

  1. Dropbox file request allows an individual to request a digital file from someone else
  2. Files can be also be requested from non-Dropbox users e.g. external vendors, doctor's etc
  3. Dropbox users specify what file(s) are needed and provide a link to a folder
    1. You can email people the link through Dropbox
    2. You can set a timer for when the file(s) are due
  4. Functionality removes the need to files as email attachments
  5. Functionality provide means to share large files (e.g. video files)
  6. See more information about this feature from Dropbox

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