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Linking can be performed using the Perceptive Content client and Banner

  1. Log in to Banner
    1. Go to
    2. Click the BANPROD link


2.  Enter your NinerNET credentials and click the Log In 

3.  Enter the form name you need link data from Banner, such as SPAIDEN or PPAIDEN

4.  Enter the UNC Charlotte ID (800#) of the person’s information you are processing and click the Go button

5.  The following information will be displayed on the screen, as shown below:


6.  Log in to Perceptive Content client

a.  Open Perceptive Content client by double clicking on Perceptive Content icon from your desktop, taskbar system tray, or Windows start menu

b.  Enter your NinerNET credentials

c.  Click the Connect

7.  Open the document for processing

a.  Click on Workflow menu from the Perceptive Content toolbar

b.  Click on the appropriate processing queue from Workflow Views

c.   Double click on the document from the grid

8.  Click the key icon beside the Application Plan

a.  The information with populate from Banner into the imaging system (e.g. Student ID and Student Name)


Linking requires the use of Perceptive Content client (installed on your desktop) and the browser Chrome to open Banner. For best results, only open one tab in Chrome when linking.

Folder Linking

Linking can be done on newly created folders when in the folder view

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