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Sharing information with students about their performance/progress on an assignment or in the overall course may depend on the modality and size of your course. Below are some tips and ideas you can use in your courses.

  1. Feedback for Improvement:
    1. This focuses on helping students develop a deeper understanding of course content. It portrays how well a task is accomplished or performed. Directions may be included for how to acquire more, different, or correct information.
  2. Feedback for Motivation: 
    1. This is not content driven, but instead focuses on building up student confidence through encouraging and positive feedback. Believing you can succeed is a vital component of success!
Assignment Feedback
  • Quiz / assignment scores
  • Canvas Gradebook
  • Announcements (whole class)
Verbal Feedback
  • Comments, corrections, or praises to class discussions
  • Canvas Video/Audio (assignment comment)
Written Feedback
  • Comments on assignments or student work
  • Group work or Peer feedback
  • Canvas Gradebook
    (Message Students Who...)
  • Canvas mark-up tool (Speed Grader)
  • Canvas Peer Feedback
  • Canvas Discussion Forum
Non-Verbal Feedback
  • Body language in class
  • Zoom 
  • Canvas Video Feedback
Anonymous Feedback
  • n/a
  • Canvas Speed Grader (Anonymous Grading)

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