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Corona Virus Operating Conditions 2020

RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol - Windows) or VNC (Virtual Network Computing - Mac) allows for the secure, remote connection of one computer to another.  Under certain emergency conditions*, when access to on-campus resources is unavailable, RDP/VNC permissions may be granted. 

RDP/VNC approvals will be temporary and not guaranteed after emergency conditions have passed and can only be initiated from a university managed device. Personal devices cannot be used for this connection.

NOTE: The use of RDP/VNC carries with it greater security risks than other methods of remote access. Therefore, additional reviews and approvals are required.

*emergency conditions not typically weather related

Requests will only be considered when:

  • A critical business operation is restricted to a particular on-campus managed workstation. See Guideline for the Security of Endpoints.
  • A specialized software/application is only available on a particular on-campus workstation
  • A specific research task (data set operation) is only available on a particular on-campus workstation
  • The unit lead (Assistant Dean, Dean, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, Associate/Associate Provost) submits the request 

RDP/VNC connections are only permitted from one university managed device to another university managed device. Personally owned devices should not be used for RDP/VNC connections to on-campus university workstations

  1. Since people often confuse VPN and RDP/VNC access, please confirm that you cannot do what you want to do over VPN.  See these FAQs for more details.
  2. Once you have verified that you still cannot access what you want, have your supervisor or department/area Data Security Officer submit the RDP/VNC request.
  3. The supervisor or department/area Data Security Officer requesting access will need to know:
    1. Why the request is being made (include specific Application, Server, or Share drive that can only be accessed from the Campus computer)
    2. Who the request is for
    3. The MAC address for the on-campus computer (Windows FAQ - Mac FAQ)
    4. Machine Name of the university-managed computer that will be used off-campus (see this FAQ for instructions)
    5. Frequency of RDP/VNC (e.g. hourly, daily, weekly)
    6. The time period for the request; if unknown, the duration will be no longer than the length of the emergency*
    7. The level of data being accessed. Please refer to the Guideline for Data Handling and this FAQ
  4. If there is an urgent need, the requester should have their unit lead (Assistant Dean, Dean, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, Associate/Associate Provost) submit the request here - click Remote Access Request
  5. The OneIT Security team will review requests

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