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With the exception of laptops, university computing equipment is generally not intended to be taken off campus. In an emergency situation*, university computing equipment may be brought off campus only if approved and if doing so ensures the continuation of campus operations. Units should follow their standard inventory and approval process.  If questions, contact your OneIT Director.

It is up to the departmental unit to maintain its unit inventory; the equipment is owned by the university and should not be kept permanently off-campus.

*An emergency situation where the university has gone to a modified operating status for an extended period of time and remote work required for business continuity.  This typically would exclude weather events.

If you are taking a computer off campus that you have not used before, you will need to log into it twice when on campus prior to taking it off campus. This action creates a local user profile that allows you to log into the machine. If you don't do this, the computer won't work off campus.

The following table identifies equipment examples and some special considerations:

Windows DesktopWired network
Mac DesktopWired or wireless will work if the device has a wireless card
MonitorsMake sure adapter is compatible with device hardware
KeyboardMake sure adapter is compatible with device hardware
ScannerMake sure adapter is compatible with device hardware
Local PrinterMake sure adapter is compatible with device hardware

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