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Most teaching, learning and research functions can take place whether or not someone is physically located on campus. Most systems have web interfaces available from any device. Some specialized systems and software may be limited to university devices or only available over the VPN. This list will help you prepare to successfully work remotely.

Here's a list of common work tools and what you may need to do when working remotely.

ToolImpact of working remotely
GmailNothing changes
GCalNothing changes - Reminder that you can easily add web conferencing to events
Google DriveNothing changes
DropboxNothing changes
BannerVPN authentication required - see this FAQ for details
Specialized software

Visit for software available to install on university-owned or personally owned computers

DuoNothing changes unless your desk phone is your only Duo device - see this FAQ for adding a mobile phone or this FAQ for adding another landline
Access to H/J/S drivesVPN authentication and drive connection required - if using a personal computer, see this FAQ for Windows and this FAQ for Mac
CanvasNothing changes
HPCNothing changes
PhoneSee this FAQ for directions on forwarding your phone to a different number
Voicemail (individual line)See this FAQ for directions on checking voicemail
KRONOSNothing changes - SHRA Non-Exempt employees must authenticate through VPN to punch in and out - see this FAQ for VPN details
PrintingPrinting to personally owned printers is discouraged.  Files could be printed to PDF and stored for future reference.
Video conferencing

Nothing changes - numerous options available

  1. Zoom - session recording available
  2. Google Meet - transcription available
  3. Google Chat - video chat available

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