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Most teaching, learning and research functions can take place whether or not someone is physically located on campus. Most systems have web interfaces available from any device. Some specialized systems and software may be limited to university devices or only available over the VPN. This list will help you prepare to successfully work remotely.

If you know you will be working remotely, there are a number of things you will want to do in advance to ensure you have no problems...

  1. Move local files to the cloud or network storage
    1. Files that are stored locally on your computer, like your desktop or other C: drive locations, will not be accessible if you are using a different computer
    2. File storage options
      1. Google Drive
      2. Dropbox
      3. Network Drives (H, J, S)

        Accessing H, J, or S drives from off campus will require VPN authentication as well as the mapping/mounting drives - see these FAQs for more information

  2. Make sure you have Duo devices that are available while not in the office
    1. Using your office phone as a device?  Make sure you have another device - see these FAQs

    2. If using a fob, bring them with you
    3. Be aware of the Get Duo Code as a backup

      You will need your the last 5 digits of your card number from your physical UNC Charlotte ID card

  3. Know how to get to the applications and websites you work on
    1. Save bookmarks or make a list of addresses to systems you login to
    2. Visit for software available to install on university-owned or personally owned computers
  4. Check with your OneIT support personnel for a computer you can bring off campus if you do not already have a laptop
  5. If planning on using a personally owned device...
    1. Check that it is patched and up to date - see this FAQ for more details
    2. Make sure anti virus software is installed
    3. Install VPN software
    4. Be familiar with University Data Security Standards

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