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There are two additional calendar types beyond primary calendars for individual users and generic accounts.  Please see the table below for benefits and limitations for each type..  

TypeDescriptionBenefitsLimitationsUse Cases

User Created Calendar

A User Created Calendar is associated with a primary user calendar, but it has separate permissions.  They can be used to track schedules, projects, etc.

Directions on created a new User Created Calendar can be found here

  1. Created by user or generic account
  2. Can be configured with multiple permission levels
  3. Calendar shared by owner or delegated to others
  1. Calendar is tied to user or generic account - if account is suspended or deleted, calendar will be impacted
  2. Visibility for users has to be explicitly shared 
  3. CalendarID must be added to a user's contacts in order to easily invite calendar to a meeting
  1. Shared calendar for team related things like vacation schedules
  2. Project or group tracking of key dates

Resource Calendar

A Resource Calendar represents a physical resource, like a conference room or piece of equipment.  They are available on the "Rooms" tab of a Google Calendar event.

A new Resource Calendar can be requested here

  1. Can be configured with multiple permission levels
  2. Calendars appear on the "Rooms" tab for scheduling
  1. Calendar permissions only changed by system administrator, not calendar owners
  1. Conference rooms and other resources that can be scheduled

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