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The SAS 9.4 installation can take several hours to install, depending on your system.  We encourage faculty and students to access SAS through Apporto.  


Before attempting to download SAS, please verify your system is compatible with SAS 9.4 system requirements and that you have at least 60GB of hard drive space free.

  1. Go to
  2. Click Sign In
    Sign In button screenshot
  3. Log in with your NinerNET credentials
  4. Click Start shopping
    Start shopping button screenshot
  5. Click on the SAS tile
  6. Click Add to Cart
    Add to cart button screenshot
  7. Click Check out
    Check out button screenshot
  8. Click Download
    Download button screenshot

    To renew SAS, select the bottom download below SAS 9.4 Workstation Windows for 64-bit (2023) - License File Only and follow these directions 

  9. Click Download

  10. Once the download is complete, make sure that the file size is 16.9 GB by right-clicking on the downloaded file, and clicking properties
  11. Unzip the file. If you have the zipped file on a USB drive, be sure to unzip to a location on the hard drive you will be installing on
  12. Open the Installation Files folder and double-click setup.exe to start the installation
  13. In the Choose Language box, click OK
  14. On the Select Deployment Task screen, leave Install SAS software selected, and click Next
  15. On the next screen, it is recommended to use the default installation location. Otherwise, you can choose your install location, and click Next.
  16. On the Select Deployment Type screen, select Install SAS Foundation and Related Software and click Next.
  17. Click Next on the next thirteen screens except uncheck JMP Genomics on the Select Products to Install screen prior to clicking Next.

  18. On the Deployment Summary screen, click Start


    If you receive any Install Failure notifications, click Yes to All to continue the installation.

  19. Once the installation is complete, click Next
  20. On the Select Support Option screen, choose whether or not you would like to send system information to SAS, then click Next
  21. Click Finish


OneIT does not support SAS beyond the downloading of the installation files. Please contact SAS Support for any issues with installing or using SAS 9.4. Our site number is 70080897.

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