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Internet Explorer 11 will no longer be supported by Microsoft on June 15, 2022. Please use Chrome, Firefox or Edge. Edge can be used in IE Compatibility mode if needed.


Google replaced their Google Drive Desktop Sync app with their new Google Drive File Stream in March 2018. You can learn more about Drive File Stream and how to transition here.


The below instructions resolve the This page can't be displayed error message when Google Drive attempts to connect to the UNC Charlotte web authentication page. This error only occurs on a Windows computer and Internet Explorer 11 is installed.

  1. Please close any Internet Explorer (IE) windows that are open prior to starting the steps below
    1. Click the Start button
    2. Click Control Panel
    3. Click Network and Internet
    4. Click Internet Options
    5. Click the Advanced tab
    6. In the Settings box:
      1. Scroll down to the Security subgroup
      2. Uncheck Use TLS 1.1
      3. Uncheck Use TLS 1.0
    7. Click OK at the bottom
    8. Click the Google Drive icon in the taskbar
    9. Click Sign In
    10. Enter your full UNC Charlotte email address (not your alias, if you have one)
      1. Do NOT enter your password yet
    11. Click Sign In
    12. You will be redirected to the UNC Charlotte web authentication service
    13. Enter your NinerNET username and password
    14. Click Log in
  2. Once the above steps are complete, the Google Drive application will complete the authentication and should resume normal operation.  Once you have authenticated, please follow the below steps to re-enable to security settings for your protection
    1. Click the Start button
    2. Click Control Panel
    3. Click Network and Internet
    4. Click Internet Options
    5. Click the Advanced tab
    6. In the Settings box:
      1. Scroll down to the Security subgroup
      2. Check Use TLS 1.1
      3. Check Use TLS 1.0
    7. Click OK at the bottom

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