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This chart summarizes key differences between Generic Accounts and Google Groups:

AccessAttributeGoogle GroupLimited Generic Account

Managed without OneIT involvement

Multiple people can access at one time
Configuration Options

Email delivery (none, summary, digest, all)

Can subscribe to receive copies of emails and/or
view through Google Group interface

Email delivery options are the same as Gmail however, you log into your personal account
and then switch to the limited account

Setting and Configuration OptionsSimilar to listserv: membership, moderation, accessSimilar to Gmail

Control senders

Control posts (moderate content)....

Mail can be distributed/forwarded to individual accountsLimited to 1 forward

Members/Delegates LimitNo Limit25 individuals

Used for access permissions to Google Drive / Shared drives

Delegate generic Gmail accounts have associated Google Groups for the management of account delegates.  The Google Group will be in the format delegate-<EMAIL USERNAME>-group

These Google Groups should be used solely for the management of delegates for generic delegated Gmail accounts.  Google Groups needed for other purposes should be requested here.

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