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Assigning an Alternative Manager (i.e. proxy or delegate) can only be requested by supervisors and departmental timekeepers.

  1. Go to Company Settings Settings Wheel  > Global Setup > Groups > Manager Group Access
  2. Filter down by: Group Type (column) = Supervisor and then search for the supervisor's name either using the Group Name "starts with" column OR by First/Last Name columns and click Refresh Data.

    Group Edit


    If Group Type = Manager repeat the steps above. This indicates that there is additional access to another group of people other than direct reports.

  3. Click on the person icon Person Icon beside the supervisor's name.

  4. In the Group Managers window on the left, click the Assign Alternative Employee link icon Link by the supervisor's employee ID.
    Proxy Set
  5. You will be prompted to enter a name in the Assign Alternative Manager Screen. 
    Proxy Assign
  6. In the Alternative Manger field, click the person search icon to search for the employee you wish to assign as the Alternative Manager.


    The Alternative Manager will have the same permissions as the regular manager.

  7. In the Active From and Active To fields, specify the date range applicable for this temporary Alternative Manager assignment.


    For permanent assignment, remove the "X" by the From and To fields.

  8. Click the add alternative button Add Alternative.


The Alternative Manager assignment can be removed at any time by following steps 1-3 above and selecting the remove link icon Remove Link beside the employee's name.

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