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  1. My Info (single head icon) > My Time > > Time Off > Request 
  2. Click the magnifying glass and select the leave type from the Time Off Type look up box.

    Time Off Selection


    Use the SEARCH box to quickly locate the desired time off. I.E. type in "Vacation".

    Clicking the arrow next to Accrued Balances Details will quickly show your current balance for the leave type selected. 

    Accrued Balances Details

  3. Click Start Request to the far right of the screen. Start Request Button
  4. Select the appropriate Request Type from the drop down:
    1. Full Day 
      1. Select the date from the calendar icon. Calendar Icon
      2. The system will automatically populate the total hours based on the employee's FTE (i.e., 1.00 FTE = 8:00).
    2. Multiple Days
      1. Select the date range in the From and To fields using the calendar icon. Calendar Icon
      2. Enter Total Hours Per Day to the request. This should be the total hours you work per day (i.e. 8 hours for a full time employee). 


        A range of dates that includes scheduled days off can be selected because the system will not request time for those days.

    3. Partial Day (Bulk)
      1. Select the date from the calendar icon. Calendar Icon
      2. Type the specific amount of hours needed for the date selected in the Total Hours box (i.e., 2:00).
    4. Partial Day (Start/Stop)
      1. Select the date from the calendar icon. Calendar Icon
      2. Request the specific From and To times and click on AM or PM to ensure the correct time is displayed (i.e., 1:00pm - 3:00pm).
      3. The total hours requested will populate in the Total box based on the times selected. 
  5. Leave a Comment for your supervisor (optional).

    Community Service Comment Required

    Employees must include the following information in the comment section for Community Service: 

    • Name of the school/organization and indication if it is a 501(c)3 agency or eligible human service organization
    • Type of service/participation (i.e. meeting with your child’s teacher, serving food at the soup kitchen)
  6. Click the Submit Request button in the bottom right corner. Submit Request
  7. Refer to this FAQ if you are a supervisor. 

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